Our story



EROSPACE GATEWAY is a company dedicated to the business growth of Italian SMEs in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Aerospace Gateway is created in 2015 as a project by the companies Creasys (Total Project & Cost Management Services) and ValueSys (Solutions and Services ICT). The official introduction to the market occurs November of that same year, during the Italian Suppliers Industry Day, organized in Seattle, by the Boeing Company and by the Italian Ministry of Defense.
In 2016 Aerospace Gateway launches the operations planned for the year: distribution of the first services to costumers; expansion of the associates portfolio; brand promotion through the attendance at fairs; determination of a qualified network of foreign consultants to support Aerospace Gateway costumers through the internationalization process; logo protection in EU, USA, China, and Canada.
The first year of activity draws to and end with a very significant event for Aerospace Gateway: in September 2016, it achieves its transformation from project to company.
The strength of the new system, together with a constant analysis of the associates’ requirements, result in an improvement of the mission and the range of services offered to the companies.