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Meeting and teaming up to better compete: this is the goal that Aerospace Gateway’s Business Networking Area proposes to its associates. Vast is the variety of services offered to companies in this specific sector.

Today, accessing the best international markets, is a priority for Italian SMEs.
The support of our internationalization experts, is a great added value to what Aerospace Gateway offers to its registered members.

Planning and Management of Costs, Quality, Performance, Testing and Risks.
These are essential but challenging activities for the SMEs, since they don’t always have the special skills needed to carry them out.

Business Communication,
Brand care and Marketing effectiveness
are fundamental assets for the way business is done today.
Aerospace Gateway offers professional solutions tailored to the needs of each of its costumers.

Our partners

CIG – Consultants International Group – Washington DC

For nearly twenty-five years, CIG has specialized in the development of business ventures and the solution of business problems for European and Japanese companies. CIG handles all aspects of business development, from initial market research through evaluation and selection of commercial partners, site location, due diligence, contract negotiation and performance.
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AQM – Technical Service Center for Industries

AQM is an Italian company established in 1982 as a technical service center for industries. The AQM services are targeted to industrial enterprises and craft domestic and international, operating in the metal processing and processing of major industrial materials, i.e. mechanical construction of components, devices, machines, and variously complex assemblies. The AQM strategy is aimed at increasing competitiveness and for the continuous improvement of enterprises that require its services.
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